Monthly Archives: September 2016

The EB-5 Program Fraud Rate is Not What You Think

The EB-5 Program has been referred to as: “riddled with corruption and national security vulnerabilities” 1 “exploited by criminals, spies, and possibly even terrorists” 2  and “wasting taxpayer money” 3 Statements like this are prevalent all over the Internet, however are these actually reflective of the program’s fraud rate or are they amplified by the… Read More »

Immigration: One step closer to curing cancer?

A recent article from Forbes shared some of the lesser-known facts of high-skilled immigrants in the United States. The article shed light on an important statistic found through a 2013 study : 42% of America’s top cancer researchers are immigrants. The study looked at biographies of 7 of the top research facilities in the US… Read More »